2 Year Warranty Used DSLR valued £500-£800

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2 Year Warranty Used DSLR valued £500-£800
mpb.com would like to give you that further option of protecting your newly purchased items. As a leader in the photographic industry, Mack Camera provides repair service for customers all over the world. The warranty must be purchased and registered within 30 days of the date the equipment hereunder is purchased.

All parts and labour are covered for the life of the extended warranty. Unlimited service. Covers all brands. Product replacement if the unit cannot be repaired for manufacturer defects. Local service centres available for most products. Warranties are transferable to a new owner if the equipment is sold on. How it works: 1. Make sure your warranty is registered online. 2. Visit http://mackcam.zendesk.com/home. 3. Submit a request for repair (you will be required to verify your email address and create a login and password). 4. Attach a copy of your sales receipt and warranty card when submitting your request. 5. Your request will be assigned to an agent within 24-48 hours. 6. Stay current with the latest updates regarding your repair. All repairs must be completed at a manufacturer authorized service center in your area.