Looking to sell or upgrade your own Mamiya 645 AFD II?

Mamiya 645 AFD II

Mamiya 645AFd II combines 35mm handling ease and speed with the advantages of 3x larger image size. The 645AFd II is part of Mamiya's 645 SLR systems featuring TTL auto-focus, auto exposure, auto flash, and auto film winding. It is a full-feature camera utilizing many digital controls, an impressive LCD, focal plane with shutter speeds up to 1/4000sec and sync speeds up to 1/125sec. The Safety Retraction protects the body against accidental damage. The Quick Action feature enables immediate access to multiple exposure, auto exposure lock, autofocus lock and bracketing. The 645AFd II is chassis with diecast Aluminium thus ideal for heavy professional use. Mamiya has also incorporated the Power Drive Grip and AE Prism Finder encompassed by robust magnesium housing.