Nikon D3000


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44.00 GBP
Condition: Well Used

This camera body is in a used condition with significant cosmetic signs of use. There are some marks and scuffs to the paintwork on the body of the camera, but the overall condition is good. The LCD screen is in a used condition with some marks and scratches. The sensor is clear and free of scratches. The flash mount has only light signs of use. All rubber grips and covers are present but show signs of wear.

  • Charger
  • Battery
  • Front Body Cap
  • Shutter count: 20,177


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Nikon D3000
For the amateur looking to improve their skils, the Nikon D3000 Digital SLR Camera is an excellent, lightweight option.

The Nikon D3000 Digital SLR Camera is built for the budding ameteur looking to improve their skills. With improved low light performance, it allows for better results in poor lighting conditions. It's light weight and compact body allows you to carry your photographs with you as you push on through your travels.

Key Features & Specs

  • Great image quality
  • 24p movies
  • Lightweight