Looking to sell or upgrade your own Metz 44 AF-4C, Canon Dedicated?

Metz 44 AF-4C, Canon Dedicated

The new Metz 44AF-4C is a special version of the company's 44AF-3 series flash that's been specifically designed for Canon Digital SLRs. Its large bounce/tilt flash head includes a built-in Auto Zoom feature that automatically adjusts with lenses in the 24-105mm range, while producing a Guide Number of 144 (feet) at ISO 100 at maximum zoom setting and a Guide Number of 112 (feet) at ISO 100 at 50mm. The 44AF-4C is extremely user-friendly with only two function keys for straight forward menu control. The illuminated LCD panel is large and easy-to-read and only displays the pertinent mode information. More control with the 44AF-4C is also possible by switching to manual mode and setting partial light output levels when the need arises. The 44AF-4C also features rear curtain synchronization, which is important for controlling blurring effects of action shots, along with the ability to manually set the zoom setting for non-auto-zooming lenses. The sleek Cobra design has been enhanced to provide professional quality light output by tilting the head up 2° and using a Fresnel lens that redirects the light back to the subject. Even with this modification, the flash can still be folded completely flat to fit into any pocket.