Looking to sell or upgrade your own Tilta ES-T07 Blackmagic Camera Rig?

Tilta ES-T07 Blackmagic Camera Rig

The Tilta ES-T07 Camera Rig is designed for use with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera or Production Camera 4K, providing the added protection and accessory mounting options required to meet the demands of video production use. It is made using precision-machined anodised aluminum and features a top handle with 15mm rod adapter, BMCC Armor Cage with ARRI rosettes, 15mm LSW Baseplate with ARRI rosettes, 5 and 10" dovetail baseplates, and wooden handles with a record start/stop button. The rig also includes three 15mm rod pairs in 3.9", 7.9", and 11.8" lengths.