Looking to sell or upgrade your own ARRI 14mm Master Prime Lens - PL Fit [Meters]?

ARRI 14mm Master Prime Lens - PL Fit [Meters]

The 14mm Master Prime is one in a set of 16 from ARRI/Zeiss featuring excellent resolution, advanced contrast, almost no breathing, and a fast T1.3 aperture for achieving shallow depth of field. Ranging from 12mm to 150mm, the Master Primes offer the skin tones and colour rendition for which Zeiss is noted, and are colour-matched for consistency across the set. These lenses incorporate an iris with at least nine blades for cinematic-looking bokeh with distinct focus fall-off. Dual floating elements provide optimal close-focus performance while minimising breathing when focusing. The advanced T*XP coating reduces reflections and glare while improving contrast.