Looking to sell or upgrade your own Leica Elmarit-S 30mm f/2.8 ASPH?

Leica Elmarit-S 30mm f/2.8 ASPH
Perfect for wide angle moments the Leica Elmarit-S 30mm f2.8 ASPH lens performs to a high standard. The incredibly well made casing installs confidence as you shoot. It is ideal for speed in low light and delivers a beautiful output.

The Leica Elmarit-S 30mm f2.8 ASPH lens produces stunning photographs. The fast f/2.8 aperture opens up the chance to record the moment in lower light situations without compromising quality. It is the ideal lens for the photographer looking to achieve incredible results in a beautifully made lens.

Key Features & Specs

  • Prime lens
  • Wide aperture
  • Great Bokeh